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We all need help from time to time and it is a strength not a weakness to seek it out. Therapy is a safe and confidential way to get the support you need. If you are suffering from issues like these, please call (801) 797-9855 to find out more about treatment or to set an appointment.

  • depression, sadness
  • hopelessness
  • anxiety, stress, panic
  • addiction of any kind
  • substance use
  • sexual, physical, emotional abuse
  • pain or chronic illness
  • self-esteem issues
  • family problems
  • marital problems
  • behavioral issues
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Our Psychotherapy Model

At Riverwoods Behavioral Health we are dedicated to providing personalized, effective assessment as well as individual, marital, family and addictions counseling. The primary focus of our therapy is to provide treatment based on positive psychological concepts wherein the individual or family focuses on strengths and changing belief systems rather than on pathology or sickness.

We believe that it is possible to be happier and to feel more satisfied in life by being more engaged in good relationships, finding meaning in life, and being honest with oneself. Research has shown that positive psychological interventions can decrease depression and replace fear and hopelessness. At Riverwoods Behavioral Health we are committed to helping each individual live life to the fullest.

We provide therapy based on several models including cognitive behavioral, DBT, interpersonal, and family systems. We are solution oriented, positive therapists and we believe in treating the whole system. Therefore, we will very often include the family in individual therapy, especially when working with addictive behaviors. Our primary focus it to provide treatment based on positive psychological concepts wherein the individual focuses on strengths and changing belief rather than on pathology or sickness.

We believe in the family unit and that problems can be worked out when there is a desire to do so. In marital therapy we focus on each individual in the couple in providing strategies to build self-esteem, take responsibility, live with integrity, and change individual behaviors.

We believe that many problems in families are caused by controlling behaviors by one or more family members. We strive to help each family member take responsibility for their own individual behaviors and understand how this behavior is impacting the family. We explore with the family the different roles that each member is playing and what purpose these roles are playing. If unhealthy, we help the individual and family adapt to different roles.

We work closely with Riverwoods Neurological Center and Dr. Pamela Vincent in treating addicted individuals. Suboxone and Naltrexone are used to detox patients and then a full regimen of care is engaged including group, family, and individual therapy. In addition, we promote the holistic approach and encourage our patients to use yoga, acupuncture, diet and exercise or other forms of treatment to overcome their debilitating challenges. Again, with all of our therapies we use positive psychological principles in helping each patient see themselves in a positive way to enhance their well being.


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Is Therapy Right For Me?

Who Can Benefit From Therapy?

Everyone has room to make personal growth, areas for improvement, habits they could change, relationships that could be stronger, and insight and self awareness to gain. Everyone can benefit from psychotherapy.

Although psychotherapy can benefit all people, there are some times in life where it may be especially helpful.

People often consider some form of psychotherapy after a major life event or when they feel their life is "stuck" or "out of control."

Some Ways Can Therapy Help

When you have experienced a major life event (i.e., death of a loved one, being in an accident, loss of an important relationship) or are working through a transition period (marriage/divorce, new baby/empty nest, career change, relocating). These events can often evoke stress and negative emotions; however, if these do not go away, psychotherapy can help you to process and explore what you are feeling, assess your goals, and move forward.

When you have lost self confidence and self esteem or feel that your life has lost its meaning and excitement. These losses have a significant impact on your overall happiness and contentment with life. Psychotherapy can help you to regain confidence in yourself and others, assess what is important to you, and reignite your passion for life.

When you feel important relationships are strained, unsatisfying or causing you distress. Psychotherapy can help you to evaluate all aspects the relationship from a nonjudgmental and unbiased perspective, improve communication skills, encourage honesty and openness, and promote a healthy reconnection with those you care about.

When you become aware of bad habits or patterns of behavior that produce unwanted results. Psychotherapy can help you to explore the origin of these as well as your motivations for continuing these behaviors and your reasons for seeking to change them. When we feel we are acting productively, caring for ourselves and others, and working toward positive changes we experience increased happiness and life satisfaction.